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The team behind In And Around Publishing and web design and consultancy Griffin Online have joined forces and created In And Around Business Services to provide a one-stop-shop to help and guide businesses at all stages of growth and development to move to the next level of sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Your appearance says a lot about you and your business. Branding your business in the most appropriate way to attract the most clients and working with referrals and ongoing sales to boost the bottom line - all these things come down to how you appear and how easy you are to do business with. From branding your workwear to your vehicle, from creating your online presence to designing your headed paper, invoices and business cards and ensuring that all those aspects work together to consistently say the right thing about your business.

Business processes

How do you pay your suppliers? How do your clients pay you? Do you spend a small fortune on postage? Does your invoicing seem to take forever? We can show you how to reduce the amount of time you spend working on your business so that you have more time to see clients and MAKE money! Invoicing, accounting, client management systems...all can be achieved online and often for free or a small monthly charge...let us show you how.

Sales management

Prospecting for new clients and getting orders are the lifeblood of a business, large or small. How efficiently you find them, how you manage them before and after the sale and how you get them to recommend you afterwards can all have a massive impact on your profitability. Are you looking for clients in the right places? Are you finding the right clients for your business? We can help with an analysis of your sales efforts and we can ensure you are on the right path to profit.


In summary In And Around Business Services can examine all aspects of your business, from your appearance and branding to how you generate, receive and process orders and offer advice and guidance that will ensure your business makes a higher percentage profit from each client and delivers more clients for you to engage with.


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